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The App

Answers about the Productive App and connectivity.

We currently have 3 tiers of subscriptions, both with month-to-month and annual options.


$25/mo or $240/Annual (a 20% savings)

  • AI Call Summaries
  • Call Inbox
  • Call Recording’
  • Note-Taking
  • In-Call Voice Notes
  • Voicemail w/ Live Transcriptions


$34/mo or $348/Annual ($29/mo average; a 15% savings)

  • Productive Caller +
  • CRM Integration
  • Automated Call Logging
  • CRM Form Filling
  • Call Transcripts w/Audio
  • G-Mail Integration
  • Calendar Integration

The app is currently available on iPhone or Android.

We currently support users on:

  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile
  • Sprint*

Carriers we don’t currently support can be found here.

*For Sprint, the devices supported need to support VoLTE:

If you are a Sprint customer, Productive is only supported by VoLTE enabled devices.

The following devices support VoLTE. Be sure to have device software updated to the latest version to support this feature.


iPhone 8, 8 Plus and newer models

Apple Watch Series 3 and newer. Requires Cellular Activation.


Galaxy S Series (S8 / S8+ and newer models)

Galaxy S Series (S8 SE / S8+ SE and newer models)

Galaxy Note Series (Note 8 and newer models)

Galaxy Note Series (Note 8 SE and newer models)

Galaxy A Series (A6, A10e, A20, A50, A51, A71 5G)

Galaxy A Series (A10e SE, A20 SE, A50 SE, A51 SE)

Galaxy J Series (J3 Achieve and J7 Refine)

Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active2 and newer. Requires Cellular Activation.


G Series (G7 and newer models)

V Series (V30+ and newer models)

Tribute Series (Empire, Royal)

Stylo Series (4, 4+ and newer models)

K Series (K30 and newer models)


Pixel 3, 3 XL and newer models


7 Pro 5G

8 5G


G Power

G Stylus


G Fast

We currently support users with U.S. and Canadian cell phone numbers, but other countries are coming soon.

My Phone & Device

How Productive interacts with my current mobile number.

Please check in your iPhone settings that you are using LTE for Voice and Data.

This will allow data to be used when voice calls are in progress.

  • Go to iPhone settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data > LTE (Chosen) and VoLTE (Enabled). And check that Low Data Mode is disabled.

* The only scenario where you see “Productive Call” without any other caller information, is when the Productive app isn’t active on your phone or you have zero data available to your phone (e.g on a call and your phone is set to 3G). In the latter case, the calls will show up as Productive Call because there was no data available to get the caller name to show, and the accompanying notification also wasn’t able to be sent to your phone.

So it defaults to Productive Call. But you shouldn’t encounter this scenario unless there’s zero data to your phone.


Productive Call Assistant can capture any incoming call you receive on your regular mobile number as well as outgoing calls you make using the app.

If you are using another number that forwards to your phone, you can still use Productive as long as the forwarded calls end up on your primary number.

Productive works with your current mobile number.

You don’t need to buy or give out a new number to your contacts.

Callers will reach you on the same number you’ve always used.

If you use Facetime video or audio calls, some specific settings may need to be adjusted.

Due to restrictions on Apple’s back end, Productive is not able to white label all Facetime calls. Luckily, you can adjust your settings to accommodate this feature.

If you NEVER use Facetime on your mobile device (Specifically the one you have Productive installed on), you do not need to worry about Facetime calls not coming through.

But, for any Facetime related concern, simply using the “Carrier Call” setting, will allow Facetime calls to come through.


If you use Facetime regularly, it’s ideal to make set RECORD PHONE CONTACTS to “Carrier Call”. This universal setting in Productive will allow all your phone contacts to utilize Facetime (This will not affect CRM contacts if you have a CRM connected in Productive).

Carrier Call)

How does it work

Answers about the Productive App and connectivity.

Getting leads into your CRM is important.

With Productive, there is no need to have access to your desktop, multiple apps, or note pads. Simply TAP on the “Add Contact” text under the contacts phone number, and “Add” it to your connected CRM.

If you set up Productive Call Assistant on your incoming calls, they are seamlessly forwarded to our server where they can be recorded and transcribed.

Productive uses your wireless carrier’s phone service when you make or receive calls so you get the same high call quality as your regular mobile calls.

Productive can record/transcribe any incoming call, as well as outgoing calls made through the app. Calls are automatically routed through our server, so you don’t have to fumble around with call merging.

All you have to do is open the app during your call and hit the big red “Record” button. You can also choose to automatically record/transcribe all incoming and outgoing calls in the app settings.


How Productive interacts with my current mobile number.

You can log and sync your CRM data to Productive (Even if you don’t have their app on your phone). You can now access your CRM all in a single pane of glass via Productive.


STEP 1: Click “CONNECT” beside the application you wish to connect.

STEP 2: Enter your login credentials for that application.

STEP 3: For most CRM’s, you will have the option to log your calls automatically, attached with information you’d like to include, such as:

  • TIME AND DURATION (Featuring: Call Event Details)
  • TRANSCRIPTIONS (Featuring: Time, Duration, and Transcription of the conversation)
  • COMPLETE CALL (Featuring: Time, Duration, Transcription, and audio file of the conversation)

To connect your CRM to Productive, and benefit from screen pop information and auto call logging, simply follow the steps below.


Go to your settings page by clicking the GEAR icon in the top right corner of the App.


Scroll down to “Applications” and click CONNECT on the CRM you want to connect.


Enter your login credentials for that CRM account, and press “LOG IN”.


Click “ALLOW” to allow Productive to have access to the basic information of your contacts. This information is used to show you incoming call details such as notes and caller identification. It also authorizes Productive to log notes and tasks to your CRM.

And that’s it! Your application should now read “CONNECTED”.

To learn about CRM logging settings, click here.

To disconnect you applications from Productive, simply go to the settings page by clicking the “GEAR” icon in the top right corner, and scroll down to “APPLICATIONS”.


Click the “CONNECTED” button beside your application.


Click “DISCONNECT” on the authorization pop up, to confirm this action. (Keep in mind, by doing this, you will no longer be able to log calls to your CRM, nor benefit from incoming call screen pop information).


Confirm your application is disconnected by scrolling down, and seeing the word “Connect”. If needed, you can always re-connect your desired applications.

That’s it. 😀

Once you’ve connected your CRM, you can log call activities from your home screen conversations. To log a call event:


Find the call event, identified by the “Red Phone” icon, and tap it.


Click “Log To *** ” for your connected CRM.


Press “OK” once you see the “added successfully” notification.

That’s it! The call event will now appear in the contacts’ “Activity History”, within your CRM’s.

Getting leads into your CRM is important.

With Productive, there is no need to have access to your desktop, multiple apps, or note pads. Simply TAP on the “Add Contact” text under the contacts phone number, and “Add” it to your connected CRM.

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