SAN MATEO, California – August. 8, 2023 /Phoneic Inc/ — Unveils First Ever AI Call Assistant on Mobile Calls to Real Estate Agents at KW Mega Agent Camp, the industry leader in AI-powered mobile call tools, is excited to unveil their AI Call Assistant at the prestigious KW Mega Agent Camp. The event, held at the Austin Convention Center from August 14-16 2023, will showcase never-before-seen AI tools designed to transform mobile calls for real estate agents. introduces a seamless way for agents to handle mobile conversations with clients and leads. With real-time note-taking, intelligent follow-ups, instant call logging to KW Command, and data-driven insights, agents can focus on building relationships, while AI takes care of administrative tasks. This cutting-edge technology empowers agents to engage in natural conversations without the burden of manual note-taking, ensuring nothing gets missed and productivity reaches new heights.

Join at KW Mega Agent Camp and witness the game-changing impact of the AI Call Assistant. To learn more, visit Booth 110 or go to

“The re-launch of Productive, now enhanced with AI, marks a pivotal moment in how we communicate with one another. This AI-powered tool empowers real estate professionals to connect on a deeper level with their clients, fostering genuine interactions and stronger relationships. By freeing agents from mundane tasks, elevates the art of conversation, making every call a meaningful opportunity to provide exceptional service and drive success.” said Enlai Chu, Founder and CEO of®. 

About Productive®

Productive® is the leader in real estate call productivity software that streamlines workflow, automates tasks, and improves communication. The software is designed to help real estate professionals be more efficient, productive, and successful.

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