How to Identify a Google Voice Number

How to Identify a Google Voice Number

In today’s crazy world of phone calls, it seems like there’s always an incoming call from an unknown number. As calling features have improved, the need for filtering spam calls and clearing out unnecessary incoming calls has yet to keep up. Many spam callers use a Google Voice number, making it even harder to know how to identify a Google Voice number. This article is going to explain more about identifying Google Voice numbers and how to find the source of the caller. 


How Google Voice Works

Google Voice is a VoIP phone service that allows users to receive and make phone calls and texting features through Google. This unique capability lets you take calls directly from your phone or computer, depending on your device availability. You only need a Gmail account to start, and you can start receiving phone calls directly to your Google Voice application. You can also link your phone number to the Google Voice account to receive phone calls directly to your phone or via Google Voice. 


Is Google Voice Number Traceable?

Using Google Voice can seem like a way to better hide your identity online since your Google Voice phone number isn’t your direct phone number. Your Google Voice number is not your direct phone number and is not listed in any phone books or addresses; it’s important to remember it is possible to trace. If your Google Voice phone number is listed anywhere on the internet, then there’s the possibility that a search engine detects it during a Google phone number lookup. Additionally, it is essential to remember that Google can disconnect your account if you are not following the terms of service and misusing Google Voice. 


How to Identify Your Own Google Voice Number

Identifying your Google Voice number is an easy process that anyone can track down in seconds. Simply open your Google Voice application, log in using your designated Gmail account, and look for “Your Number” after you’ve logged in. The 10-digit phone number under this section is your fixed Google Voice number that people can call or text to reach you over Google Voice. Identifying a Google Voice number that isn’t yours is a little more complex than finding your own. 

To avoid scammers getting your Google Voice number, it’s best to take extra steps to safeguard your information. A general recommendation for protecting your Google Voice number is to not give your number to anyone you do not trust or post it anywhere online. Search engines can detect your number and name when scammers do intelligent searches when scouting for people’s information. 


Reverse Google Voice Number Lookup

If you receive several calls from one number and want to identify who’s on the other end, it’s possible to do a free Google phone number lookup. You can go down several avenues when wanting to do a reverse Google phone number lookup. Identifying a Google Voice number is a bit more complicated than looking up direct phone numbers because the number isn’t outwardly connected to the user. However, it is not impossible to identify the Google Voice phone number user, especially if they continue to make multiple calls from the same number. 

It’s perfectly okay not to want to answer an unknown phone number before a phone lookup, especially if you think they are using a Google Voice phone. Here are a few avenues you can explore when wanting to perform a free Google phone number lookup. 


Search On Google

One of the typical first steps many people take when trying to do a Google Voice number lookup is searching Google itself. Many people copy and paste the exact phone number you’re curious about and explore it in Google’s search engine. 

It may take a long time to find the correct information, but if the number has ever been listed online, then it should eventually surface. Additionally, if the owner of the number is listed as someone’s contact information or under a scam warning, finding the answers should be easy. 


Use an External App 

As time continues to move on and technology becomes more complex, more applications are being developed to combat online scam calls. One method to identify a Google Voice number is to use an application to search phone numbers listed in directories to validate the number’s authenticity. A Google Voice number lookup application is beneficial and can get you the answers you need in no time at all. 


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