How to Set Up Google Voice Forward Calls

How to Set Up Google Voice Forward Calls

Google Voice is one of the most intuitive calling applications for anyone looking to optimize their call experience. The features on Google Voice allow you to forward calls and save time by mitigating spam calls and increasing productivity. Establishing your Google Voice forwarding process is easy and can drastically improve your phone calling customization.  Forwarding calls to Google Voice is a great way to keep you connected with the right people and forgo the calls you don’t want. 


Google Voice Call Forwarding

Google voice call forwarding is designed to streamline your phone operations for personal or professional purposes. This is your chance to ensure potential customers can reach the right person and aren’t drawn away just from a phone call misdirection. Using Google Voice forward calls, you can direct Google to send your call to a specific location depending on who is calling. By forwarding calls to Google Voice, your customer journey can be drastically improved, helping curate a customer-centric process every step of the way. 


Steps to Set Up Google Voice Forward Calls

Google Voice call forwarding is easy to set up for anyone; it doesn’t take much time to arrange everything as you need. Creating the perfect Google Voice call forwarding will act as an extra screen for filtering calls and helping you and your team save time. Here are the following steps to set up Google Voice to forward calls incoming to your organization. 


Create a Gmail Account

The first step to using any of Google’s unique tools and applications is to set up a Gmail account. This will be the same place you receive emails with updates and other account-specific information. Setting up a Gmail account is free for everyone and takes only minutes to start and finish. 


Login on Google Voice

Next, you’re going to log in to Google Voice with the same login credentials as your Gmail account. A unique feature of using Google’s tools and applications is you can use the same login for all parts, and it will save everything across the board onto cloud storage.  


Select a City & Number

After you log in to your Google Voice account with the same Gmail information, you will be prompted to select a city and number. Ensure you choose the city you’re operating in, so customers aren’t hesitant to call if your number is out of state. This is especially important for local service providers and small businesses since you rely more on your direct community. Setting up call forwarding with Google Voice is a great way to establish a local phone number for your local organization. Using Google Voice will save you from going through extra steps and spending extra money on a phone service provider. 


Verify the Number With a Code

Finally, before you start forwarding calls to Google Voice, you must finalize the setup by verifying your phone number. Google will send you a code to enter into Google Voice to ensure your phone number matches your Google Voice account appropriately. 


How to Turn Google Voice Call Forwarding On/Off

With your Google Voice finalized, it’s time to turn forward. This can be turned on and off from the Google Voice application or logging into your account on the computer. Once logged in, look for the “Calls” section on the settings menu and press the toggle option next to your phone number. 


Google Voice Forward Calls Rules

Google Voice has been developed to make your experience even more customized and streamlined to your specific operations. Using Google Voice call forwarding, you can establish rules that will dictate how Google handles incoming calls from specific contacts within your contact list or groups. These can include forwarding specific contacts to your linked phone number or directly to voicemail, creating custom voicemail greetings, and setting rules for all contacts and groups. 


Create a Rule

To establish a rule, you must first log in to your Google Voice account and find the settings icon represented by a gear symbol. Click on the settings button and then look for the “Calls” tab, then ensure your Google Voice call forwarding toggle is turned on. Then look for “Custom call forwarding” and click on “Create a rule.” You’ll need to enter the specific contacts that the rule is intended for and customize the rule so Google Voice can handle the call appropriately when these contacts call. 


Customizing Rules

One of the most incredible options with Google Voice is having a way to customize each rule for each contact, allowing you to get granular with your approach. The Google Voice call forwarding rules are ready; you have to designate each rule to the specific contact it’s intended for. 


Forward Calls to Linked Numbers

To forward calls to your direct phone number instead of answering calls via Google Voice, look for the “forward calls to linked numbers” option. You’ll need to create a rule, enter the specific contact, and then under “take the following action,” click on “Forward Calls.” After that, you’ll need to select the linked number you want to use for this rule and then hit save. 

Forward Calls to Voicemails

For those who need to forward specific contacts to voicemail, this is accomplished by following the same steps as forwarding calls to a linked number. Instead of forwarding the contact to the selected linked number, click on “Send to voicemail” and save. 


Play a Custom Voicemail Greeting

For specific contacts, like customer calls, you’ll want to create a custom voicemail which can be accomplished with call forwarding Google Voice. You’ll make a rule or edit an existing one and then look for “if the call isn’t answered, play this voicemail greeting,” and save. 


Screen Calls

When you want to screen incoming calls, create a rule or edit an existing one and then look for “Screen the call.” You’ll have three options when forwarding calls to Google Voice.  You can select “No preference” to let Google Voice decide whether to screen the call, “Always screen” to hear the name of the caller before answering, or “Never screen.” 


Edit a Rule

If you have a rule that you wish to edit, simply open your Google Voice application, click on settings, and then “Calls.” Under “Custom call forwarding,” click on manage rules, look for the rule you wish to edit, and click on “Edit rule.” When using Google Voice to forward calls, you can add or delete rules for specific contacts under each rule by clicking on the name, “change,” and “save.” 


Delete a Rule

When using the call forwarding Google Voice option, you can quickly delete rules as you create them. Simply click on “settings” and “calls,” and then look for the rule you wish to delete. After that, you must click on “Manage rules” and the “delete” option. 


Learn About Rules

If you want to learn about the rules you already have, you’ll need to find the call forwarding Google Voice section under settings. Then you will need to click on “Manage rules” and “More actions” to select the option of moving each rule up or down on the list. The first rule on a list of more than one rule is the rule that applies to the contact. 


All-In-One App for Call Enhancement

Forwarding calls with Google Voice is a great way to streamline your phone activity and save time. Unfortunately, Google voice and the call forwarding features have a limit that doesn’t allow you to get the most out of your incoming phone calls. 

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