Real Estate Agent? You Need These Apps in Your Arsenal

Being a real estate agent isn’t easy – there are lots of moving parts to track and manage. The key is to have the right tools available so that you can easily access all the necessary information. Luckily, technology has advanced to the point where several apps exist specifically tailored for real estate agents who need help with staying productive while on the go. In this blog post, we’ll look at five essential apps every real estate agent should use to help them stay organized and efficient in their job and everyday tasks. So if you’re ready to make your work faster and more enjoyable, keep reading.

Get The Most Benefit From Technology As A Real Estate Agent

Technology is a must-have tool for real estate agents to stay ahead of their competition and make the most of their business. From cloud-based accounting software to marketing automation tools, technology provides agents with a wide range of opportunities in both marketing and sales processes. With the help of technology, agents can maximize efficiency and streamline operations, resulting in increased profits for their businesses.

Having a comprehensive understanding of the technology available to realtors is essential to staying competitive and successful in the industry. From cloud computing to social media marketing, numerous tools can help agents optimize their workflows and increase productivity. Moreover, data-driven analytics can provide valuable insights into customer trends, allowing agents to develop better strategies for targeting potential buyers.

A Wide Range Of Helpful Features

Smartphone applications have become the go-to tool for their daily needs and activities. Such apps offer a wide range of helpful features that are ideal for busy agents who need reliable options when it comes to staying on top of their job. With the right real estate app for agents, busy professionals can expect to get access to detailed information about listings, clients and contacts, reminders and communications, and analytics so they can make informed decisions about their business.

Top 5 Apps For Real Estate Agents

Check these 5 best apps for real estate agents, finding your footing as a realtor can be made simpler and smoother!


Zillow is dedicated to empowering consumers with data, inspiration, and knowledge about the place they call home. To assist realtors in their business operations and strategies, Zillow provides powerful apps designed specifically to meet the needs of their users. With a comprehensive suite of apps for real estate agents, clients have access to an array of tools that can help streamline workflow and increase efficiency. 


Zillow is one of the leading apps for real estate agents and home buyers. It’s an online platform that provides home shoppers with access to real estate data, such as updated property listings, neighborhood information, and rental prices. As one of the most popular real estate search engines on the internet, Zillow allows users to browse thousands of listings and find just the right home or property. 


The online platform offers a variety of services to buyers, sellers, lenders, and renters. With its massive reach and a wide variety of resources, Zillow can help realtors boost their brand visibility, engage with potential leads and increase sales. Through its various tools and features such as listing manager, agent finder, street view maps, and more, Zillow offers real estate agents an opportunity to market themselves in new ways and grow their business.


Agents should be aware of the potential cons when using Zillow to promote and market their services. The cost of listing a property can be exorbitant, as agents must pay for a subscription to create detailed ads with visuals and descriptions. Many listings become inactive due to short lifespans, meaning more money is spent by the agent for fewer leads. Zillow does not always provide accurate information to its users; pricing, photos, and other updates are often out of date and incorrect. 


Redfin is an online real estate app for agents and platforms that offers buyers, sellers, and renters a full suite of services to facilitate transactions. Redfin stands out from traditional brokerages because of its ability to reduce costs and streamline the process for all parties involved in a transaction.


Redfin’s main features include powerful search tools, easy-to-use mobile apps, and detailed real estate market data. With these features, buyers can quickly find homes that meet their criteria without sacrificing quality or service. Sellers have access to skilled agents who are knowledgeable about the local markets and can provide an impressive set of marketing tools to help potential buyers access their properties. Additionally, Redfin utilizes proprietary algorithms to track market trends and offer value-added services such as personalized pricing recommendations. 


The primary benefit of using Redfin is cost savings: they offer reduced commissions on home sales compared to traditional brokerages. Furthermore, they provide free services such as school rankings, 3D virtual tours, neighborhood information, inspection scheduling, closing tracking systems, and more at no additional cost to the consumer. 


The downside is that there are not many brick-and-mortar offices; users must rely on digital platforms for most interactions with agents. Additionally, some markets may have limited coverage meaning users might have fewer options available than those found with traditional brokers. is an online channel that provides a comprehensive selection of real estate information and is available as one of the best apps for real estate agents. It boasts a database of more than four million listings, giving agents access to information such as MLS sales data, market conditions, renovation-related home improvements, and best practices in negotiation. With innovative features such as voice or video chat with other agents, users can easily find the best listings and resources quickly and efficiently.


The site provides detailed descriptions of each property listing and offers email or text notification options when new listings are posted matching a user’s criteria. Additionally, it offers helpful home-buying tips and advice from realtors who have experience in the market. 


One of the great advantages of using is its vast selection of listings from agents all over the country — a service not offered by many other sites. This means buyers have access to a much wider array of properties than would be available through local agents alone. Additionally, as part of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), follows strict guidelines when it comes to accuracy and quality assurance with its listings — ensuring buyers can trust the information they see on the website. 


On the downside, however, might not provide as many discount options compared with some other websites because it requires users to pay an annual subscription fee if they want access to certain features such as contact information for agents associated with listed properties and advanced sorting capabilities that help narrow down results quickly and efficiently.

Productive App

Productive’s call assistant integration is an incredibly useful application for real estate agents that not only records and transcribes your calls, but also provides information on the caller before you answer. With automated notes, quick notes, and in-call voice notes available, it’s almost like a concierge service for busy professionals.  You can even use the calling app to quickly access reports and other important documents. These kinds of apps for real estate agents are created to make many of the manual, labor-intensive tasks associated with running a successful real estate business easier and simpler. 


The app also has social features like the ability to collaborate with other users and chat about projects in real-time. Collaborating with others can be especially useful for larger projects that involve multiple people working together to complete tasks.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of the Productive App is its simplicity. It not only provides recordings, transcriptions, and automated notes/tasks but also eliminates stress with its simple, user-friendly interface that allows even beginner users to instantly get up and running. You never have to worry about forgetting call details again as Productive App memorizes all the key points for you and logs them into your CRM. 


On the downside, however, some users may find the lack of customization options limiting, as the Productive App only allows certain types of task organization (e.g., list view). Additionally, some more advanced features such as detailed analytics are only available in the premium version of the app, which may be too expensive depending on individual user needs.


Homesnap is a revolutionary real estate app for agents that lets you explore homes, view listings, and connect with agents in one streamlined platform. With Homesnap, users can search for properties based on location, filter criteria such as price range, and even access detailed property information such as estimated home values.


The features of Homesnap are extensive and user-friendly. For example, users have access to millions of properties from across the United States; they can also compare recently sold values to current rates to determine if a proposed sale is reasonable.


It offers reliable data regarding pricing trends and estimated home values; moreover, it has comprehensive features that let users know what’s currently on the market while still providing them with detailed information about each listing. 


The main con associated with Homesnap is its lack of availability outside the United States; while this may not be an issue for Americans looking to buy/sell property locally, international users will have no use for this app since its services are limited to US markets only.

How Productive Takes Real Estate Agents Success To Another Level 

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