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…“I felt a lot less overwhelmed, and a hell of a lot more organized”

I have been using this app for over two months now, and it’s an unusual thing. My workflow hasn’t, nor didn’t need to change, but my comfort, preparedness, and productivity did. Drastically! I guess that’s why they named it Productive.

I’ve been a realtor for over 11 years now, and the one constant has been client and lead management. Knowing what criteria clients are looking for, but then being able to access that information in a quick manner. I’ve always had to rely on sitting down during my mornings and late evenings to search my database (Currently using WiseAgent which I love, but in the past had relied on Excel sheets). I realized, after using Productive for a week, that I was saving myself about an hour and a half a day, in administrative tasks.

“I realized, after using Productive for a week, that I was saving myself about an hour and a half a day, in administrative tasks.”

When using Productive (Which indeed has a native integration with my CRM Wise Agent), all of my call records, notes, and forms, are synced directly in to the CRM. This has been FANTASTIC. WiseAgent’s CRM is accessed, via Productive, on a contact by contact basis. Meaning, when I receive a call from a lead or client, I know exactly who they are, the notes i’ve made, and even the category of client they are (Buyer, Seller, Investor, etc.), all before I even answer the call.

On top of that, I am able to make simple, in-call voice notes, conduct lead entry right on my phone during the call, populate their search criteria, and instantly conduct flow up steps (Send an e-mail, set a reminder or a task).

And best of all, it’s still all done through my mobile network. Using cellular calling. I didn’t need to get a new number, or forward all my calls to a digital system. I’m guessing they made a technology that gives smart features to my cellular network, which I love, because I certainly don’t want to rely on Wi-fi calling when i’m doing showings, and in commercial buildings.

They are great with their communications and updates. They seem to have a LOT of new developments that come out regularly. For example, their Voicemail system now has live transcriptions. Which is great, since I can’t always answer my calls, as I may be with other clients, but I am able to see an instant transcription of who was calling and what they wanted to speak about. It’s been an amazing addition.

I absolutely recommend Productive. If you have Wise Agent as a CRM, this tool isn’t just an add-on, it’s the ultimate pairing.


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