Testimonial – Charles M | VP Sales

“Our data-driven decisions were made simple using mobile calls.”

We don’t like to label ourselves as authoritative leaders. Which leaves us a narrow field to navigate when invoking trust in our sales reps, while monitoring KPI’s. Nothing irks me more than making my reps feel as though they are being “watched over” or being judged based on the number of deals they close in a month.

But when you and your team believe in your product and have a customer-centric approach, there is little reason to believe your conversions should be anything less than what you project. The problem was two-fold. Incomplete CRM data, and a lack of clarity on the quality of our sales reps mobile conversations.

Saying clarity and conversations might sound like a big brother concept, but I assure you it’s not. It’s about coaching and training your sales team for effective communication. So not only, as a strong leader, do you want your team to have effective sales conversations, you want to ensure the data and information from those calls are accurately interpreted and storage, for future access.

We joined a pilot program for a mobile App called Productive, which helped us automate conversational data directly into our CRM. I wouldn’t say we had a whole lot of time or desire to educate our reps on how to use a “new CRM”, but on the contrary, this App plugged seamlessly into our current Salesforce account. From this point, all keywords, automated in-call notes, follow up tasks, and so on, were automatically synced to our CRM.

“This made my life much easier as a leader, as I finally had a much more complete overview of our sales funnel, now that key data points were being entered. And I didn’t have to change my leadership style to get the results.”

Automated keyword identification and logging made our data-based decisions 50% more accurate. That being a 50% increase in our qualification and KPI’s being completed in the CRM. It was very difficult to make decisions on our KPI’s with incomplete data.

Items as simple as call logs (Duration of calls, last contact date, etc.), note-taking, and account accuracy, we’re very inconsistent and incomplete. You can’t make decisions as a manager without having an accurate overview of where your reps efforts are best focused, without having a 360° view.

Productive made our CRM complete, filling the void of the most important component of such a system, which is 100% accurate data-entry and access.

Highly recommended for any team making mobile calls.



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